Deepak Chopra in Nederland

Voor €595,— kan je op 18 april in Almere naar Deepak Chopra en je onderdompelen in:

The Soul of Leadership

Een evenement georganiseerd door Nieuwe Dimensies. Prachtig.

Jammer dat het niet gaat over quantum physics of over The Science Delusion? of over Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality of over A CAT-Scan of the Global Brain of over Shift in action of over Richard Dawkins digging his own grave of over The “Soul Hypothesis”.

Bezoek Deepak Chopra’s website.

The “Soul Hypothesis”

Deepak Chopra salvo’s another interesting round of points on religion, science, God, Einstein, and such.

Make room for thougth. A couple of key points:

  • Atheism is a weak position in terms of science simply becasue it lacks any system of proof—trying to prove that something doesn’t exist is nearly impossible.
  • What would it be like to experimentally prove that the soul exists? If you believe in it, start collecting evidence.
  • The list of soul qualities is a familiar one:
    • The soul is your connection to God or the divine—test: Are you connected to God and the divine?
    • The soul is the source of existence—test: Have you experienced your source?
    • The soul is the seat of bliss or eternal happiness—test: Can happiness be reached beyond everyday pleasure and pain?
    • The soul exists beyond death; it is the seed of immortality—test: Is there such a thing as inner being that is beyond death? Am I going to live beyond the body?
  • Faith and doubt, the two forced choices that millions of people make, turn out to be almost equally fruitless.

Make some progress, where spiritual progress is defined more simply and clearly if the following conditions are met:

  1. Your soul becomes more real.
  2. Your soul becomes more useful.
  3. Your vision of transformation is coming true.

And some key differences between the ego and the soul:

  1. The ego seeks temporary satisfaction, the soul offers permanent satisfaction.
  2. The ego seeks happiness through externals, the soul through inner unfoldment.
  3. The ego wants constant sensation, the soul provides silent peace.
  4. The ego desperately wants to survive, the soul knows it will never die.
  5. The ego competes, the soul cooperates.
  6. The ego sees a world of lack, the soul a world of abundance.
  7. The ego struggles, the soul awaits.
  8. The ego seeks protection because of its deep insecurity, the soul needs no protection because it is secure already.
  9. The ego knows how to take, the soul how to receive.
  10. The ego feels separate and alone, the soul identifies with wholeness.
  11. The ego longs for love, the soul is love.
  12. The ego puts the material world first, the soul puts consciousness first. (How “Goswami“)

At this moment, your allegiance is to “I, me, and mine,” and shifting your allegiance to the soul must replace ego demands with something new.

Reminds me of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s videoclip “What About Me?“:

Love—The Purest Form of Energy

To Love is a verb, so hard work it is. And Love (with a capital L, in order not to be confused with its romantic meaning), passion, is the ultimate source of energy, strength and creativeness in the universe.

My energy, my love, is focused on creating and nourishing a family, an organization, and software in a balanced way that, one way or another, can help make the world a better place—a Whole Earth.

This Love aims to make the total very much larger than the sum of its parts, make it whole, coherent, and give it a quality without a name. And if I can’t love it, how can I expect anyone else to?

I strongly believe in an open, trustworthy, respectful, patient, and loving environment where I can work hard to serve and lead the people around me, and to bring out the best in them and make them thrive, so they can unfold their potential.

Collective Intelligence

Knowledge and imagination bring more and more economic value than raw material. The prosperity of a nation, geographical region, business, or individual depends on their ability to navigate the knowledge space (or cosmopedia) around which the new collective intelligence is organized goes beyond the image and text characteristic of print-based encyclopedias as we know it.

New computer technologies such as the semantic web will serve to filter and help us navigate knowledge, a multidimensional space, and enable us to think collectively rather than simply haul masses of information around with us.

Collective intelligence is a universally distributed intelligence. No one knows everything, and everyone knows something. We are passing from a Cartesian model of thought based upon the singular idea of cogito (I think) to a collective or plural cogitamus (we think).

The computer and software are the instruments that makes this utopian ideal possible. For if we are able to better communicate and understand, we will create a better world. Wisdom.

The more we are able to form intelligent communities, as open-minded, cognitive subjects capable of initiative, imagination, and rapid response, the more we will be able to ensure our success in a highly competitive environment.

Knowledge has become the new infrastructure. Our living knowledge, skills and abilities are in the process of being recognized as the primary source of all other wealth. Internetworked information would then provide the technical infrastructure for the collective brain or hypercortex. I will do everything in my power to catalyze this still emerging phenomenon.

Love is all you need

I want to love what I do, and do what I love. Aiming to propel the semantic, social and business web to further success, as it has all the ingredients to do just that. I’m giving it my heart, my mind and my soul.

Thrilled in harmony.