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  • Deepak Chopra in Nederland

    Voor €595,— kan je op 18 april in Almere naar Deepak Chopra en je onderdompelen in: The Soul of Leadership Een evenement georganiseerd door Nieuwe Dimensies. Prachtig. Jammer dat het niet gaat over quantum physics of over The Science Delusion? of over Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality of over A CAT-Scan of […]

  • The “Soul Hypothesis”

    Deepak Chopra salvo’s another interesting round of points on religion, science, God, Einstein, and such. The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 1 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 2 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 3 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 4 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 5 Make room for thougth. A couple of key points: Atheism is a weak position in […]

  • Love—The Purest Form of Energy

    To Love is a verb, so hard work it is. And Love (with a capital L, in order not to be confused with its romantic meaning), passion, is the ultimate source of energy, strength and creativeness in the universe. My energy, my love, is focused on creating and nourishing a family, an organization, and software […]