Direct, immediate exchange

According to the Governor of the Bank of England: “There is no reason products and services could not be swapped directly by consumers and producers through a system of direct exchange – essentially a massive barter economy. All it requires is some commonly used unit of account and adequate computing power to make sure all […]

Geluksbedrading standaard

Geluksbedrading is standaard voor de mens. Gelukkig zijn is onze aangeboren aard. We spenderen ons hele leven te leren ongelukkig te zijn. Ons mentale model—ons idee van hoe de wereld werkt—maakt ons ongelukkig. Geluk: Laat het ‘als ik dit heb/ben/doe dan ben ik gelukkig’ los. Accepteer en omarm ‘wat is dat is’ volledig (zoals Byron […]

The “Soul Hypothesis”

Deepak Chopra salvo’s another interesting round of points on religion, science, God, Einstein, and such. The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 1 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 2 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 3 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 4 The “Soul Hypothesis”, Part 5 Make room for thougth. A couple of key points: Atheism is a weak position in […]

Helping others makes us happy

How coincidental. Yesterday Thomas Herald from Dream Manifesto writes about Longest running study shows helping others makes us happy. And today I receive Mike Dooley‘s Note From The Universe, stating the same: First, as a child, it seems like the entire world is there for you and you rush to drink from its every cup, […]

Brad Neuberg on Inventing with Values

Verbatim copy of EEK’s blog entry. Thanks EEK, for sharing this. Brad Neuberg on Inventing with Values: A few months ago, my friend, BradNeuberg, gave the keynote at Yahoo’s internal Front-End Engineering Summit. The video is now online, and it’s worth watching. Brad’s not only a great guy and a great hacker, he’s an excellent […]


Nicole Recourt sent me email on Ramsay’s film on giving and receiving from our planet Earth: I’ve been organising a cross media project, film-documentry-internet series-book whose purpose is to follow four people travelling to remote parts of the planet in search of Nomadic tribes. Nicol says Ramsey is talking with one of our universities to […]

Love—The Purest Form of Energy

To Love is a verb, so hard work it is. And Love (with a capital L, in order not to be confused with its romantic meaning), passion, is the ultimate source of energy, strength and creativeness in the universe. My energy, my love, is focused on creating and nourishing a family, an organization, and software […]